Independent Transfers Training



Welcome to our online transfer training module for wheelchair users. This training is provided to help you understand the impact of poor transfer and the value of correct transfers.  Correct transfers will help you to prevent wear and tear on your body that can result from poor transfer techniques

This training will:

  1. Describe upper limb pain and injury and how they are related to transfers
  2. Describe the phases of a transfer
  3. Describe techniques that can be used during each phase to reduce the stress on your upper limbs
  4. Describe how to adapt the techniques you have learned to more challenging transfers

The techniques introduced in this training are based on research on how different transfer techniques are associated with more or less stress placed on the upper limb and pain and injury among wheelchair users.

This training will include a combination of text, video, quizzes and time to practice techniques. There is no time limit on this training. Feel free to return to previous sections during the training if you would like to review them. 

You can navigate through the training by clicking the continue links at the bottom right of each page to advance to the next section or the back links at the bottom left of each page to go back to the previous page.

Thank you!


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