Therapist Independent Transfer Training


This tutorial will address the importance of proper transfer technique for spinal cord injury (SCI) patients who perform independent transfers.  

We will look at:

  • Motor learning principles for teaching independent transfers
  • Proper independent transfer techniques 
  • The implications of using improper transfer techniques
  • Special types of transfers (i.e. car, tub, toilet)

This tutorial is designed for Rehabilitation Therapists or Trainers. A separate tutorial is designed for patient use to fit their needs and knowledge base.

If at anytime as you're going through the tutorial, you'd like to know more information or understand why a training recommendation was made, you can click the 'Evidence' link at the bottom of the page to navigate to our research findings and links to journal articles. 


Please thoroughly read through the presentation. A quiz will be given at the end of each section with a requirement of 75% to pass. 


Thank you!