Special Transfers - Car

Car Transfers


  • Open the front door of the car. Move the front seat back as far as possible.
  • Remove the footrest closest to the car and place both feet on the other footrest (if applicable).
  • Position the wheelchair as close to the car seat as possible. Lock the brakes.
  • Place both feet flat on the ground. Remove the remaining footrest.

(An alternative method, if you have no spasticity in the legs or trunk, is to place feet into the car instead of on the ground.)

  • Have the patient scoot themselves to front 2/3 of the wheelchair seat. Remove the armrest closest to the car.
  • A transfer board may make the uneven transfer easier. If using a transfer board, position a transfer board so that it “bridges” the space between the car and wheelchair and rests under the buttocks and on the car seat.


  • Keeping the head low, lift into the car.
  • Lean back against the car seat.
  • Lift one leg at a time into the car.
  • Place your wheelchair into the car.