Evidence - Proper Wheelchair Transfer

Among the basic functions of everyday living for a SCI patient, overhead reaching, pruessure-relieving weight-lift maneuevers, and transfer tasks, the transfer tasks are among the most strenuous activity.

Transfer tasks require complex interactions between skeletal, muscular, meurological, and vascular structures. 

The large number of transfers performed daily, along with the excessive mechanical stresses acting on the wrists, elbow, and shoulder joints contributes to the development of perpetuation of secondary upper limb musculoskeletal impairments over time. These secondary impairments may ultimately lead to decreased societal participation.

Prevalence of injuries in SCI patients

  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome: 40-66%
  • Hand and wrist pain: 15-48%
  • Elbow: 5-16%
  • Shoulder: 30-60%

(Gagnon et al., 2009)

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